The LOPSC is right now being audited and voted on in the Spanish Senate where Partido Popular has majority. From there it will continue to the Congress for approval, where Partido Popular also has majority.
Should the LOPSC be approved and come into force, Spain faces democratic disaster.

It will be illegal to criticize the country of Spain, its government and/or state employees on social media or through demonstration. Illegal to gather outside government buildings without permission. Illegal to film, photograph or in other way record police officer or security guard on duty. It will also be illegal to question or disobey a police officer or security guard’s orders. The law states that a police officer or security guard’s words apply as a legal truth and suffices as evidence to punish citizens without judicial process. The penalty will always be fines in the range between €1000 and €600 000. If you participate in or commit three of the offenses that the bill specifies, this itself will count as a very serious infringement and the penalty fine will be the largest. €600 000. Without judicial process. This clearly violates the Freedom of Speech and the Right to Demonstrate as stated in the Convention on Human Rights. The logic and values of the bill is furthermore deeply undemocratic.

The LOPSC does not befit a democracy in the year of 2014. A true democracy could never leave room for laws that work through fear, veiled threats and a closed state apparatus- repressive power methods that we have seen enough of a long time ago and which should be set aside forever to make way for democratic, open and free societies.

We demand that the Popular Party immediately withdraw the LOPSC. We demand that the Spanish Congress by ballot vote against the bill. For Democracy and Freedom. For the Spanish people and their human rights.


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